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How to Involve Children and Not Offend Them in the Estate Planning Process

Estate planning can be complex and emotional—and once the family gets involved, the stress can increase exponentially. As you approach the process with your clients, it’s essential to be mindful of how you can help them maintain their family relationships while building an estate plan that reflects their wishes.

Help clients leave a meaningful legacy without the stress

In our on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Approach estate planning with patience, understanding, and positivity
  • Use legal technology tools such as Estate Genius to support your firm and your clients through the process.
  • Ensure your client’s wishes are honored each step of the way with practice management software.
Larry Port
Larry Port
Lauren Barkan
Lauren Barkan

Larry Port has worked with thousands of law firms worldwide since 2008 when he started the first cloud-based legal practice management software company, Rocket Matter. In 2016, he started the legal payment processing company LexCharge. His experience running a technology company and insight into law firm operations led to his co-authoring of the #1 bestselling ABA book, The Lean Law Firm.

In Larry’s role as founder and CEO of Rocket Matter, he became a speaker and award-winning writer at the crossroads of the legal profession, cutting-edge technology, and law firm marketing. Larry speaks to an international audience on technology, productivity, cybersecurity, and the business of law. He was recognized by Fastcase as one of the 50 top innovators in the field of law.

Lauren is completing her LL.M. with a specialization in taxation from Georgetown University Law School. Lauren earned her Juris Doctorate from the American University in Washington D.C., where she clerked at the Department of Justice and the United States Board of Contract Appeals. She was also Note and Comment Editor of the Administrative Law Review. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Rochester, in Rochester, New York.

Lauren is an analytical and detail-oriented attorney with experience in estate planning and as a corporate counsel. Her objective is to provide the most comprehensive and thoughtful client solutions.

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