Level Up Your Law Firm: E-Signature and Secure File Sharing

Level Up Your Law Firm - E-Signature and Secure File Sharing

As technology has improved and more industries are embracing the digital sharing and storing of files, many law firms have discovered that using online or digital options has streamlined their offices and increased productivity for paralegals and legal secretaries.

Two digital features that gained popularity with law firms recently are online document sharing and e-signature. Between the convenience and the necessity, it’s easy to see why some lawyers have fully embraced these in their practices to help streamline their workflows and offer better client service.

This guide will shed some light on how e-signature and secure document sharing can be used to level up your law firm, and expound upon what is required to ethically use these features. You’ll learn:

  • What is an e-signature, and what are the benefits of using them?
  • How to ethically use e-signatures in your law firm
  • Features of secure file sharing
  • Common misconceptions lawyers have about secure file sharing
  • And much more!

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