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Office 365: The Ultimate Crash Course for Lawyers

Office 365 is a COVID-critical tool, allowing law firms to work on Word, Outlook, and other Microsoft software from remote locations. Yet most legal professionals only scratch the surface of Office 365’s potential.

In this session, we will explore how to maximize your Office 365 investment to become more efficient and profitable. We’ll start with the fundamentals and dip our toes into some exciting capabilities you’re going to want to leverage in 2021.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a high-level overview of Office 365’s capabilities.
  • Learn Excel commands that are going to make your life much easier.
  • Understand styles, document automation, and some Word bells and whistles.
  • See how Office 365 can become part of your legal workflow.
Larry Port
Larry Port

Larry Port is the CEO of Rocket Matter, a leading legal cloud-based practice management and time and billing application. He is a speaker and award-winning writer at the crossroads of the legal profession, cutting edge technology, and business management. His experience running a technology company and insight into law firm operations led to his co-authoring of the #1 bestselling ABA book The Lean Law Firm.


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