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Time-Saving Technology for Lawyers

Transform Your Legal Practice with Cutting-Edge Solutions.

If you run a law firm, every minute counts and efficiency is the key to success. Are you tangled in administrative tasks, watching billable opportunities slip through your fingers, or simply craving more innovative ways to work?

It's time to unleash your practice's powerhouse potential. This on-demand webinar is your guide to streamlining those tasks that eat your time. Say farewell to the drag of inefficiencies and hello to a practice that thrives on innovation, where technology becomes your strongest ally in client satisfaction and profitability.

Watch the on-demand webinar to pave the future where your firm doesn't just grow—it flourishes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and Automate Administrative Tasks:  Learn how to pinpoint administrative tasks that are prime candidates for automation, reducing non-billable hours and freeing up your schedule for more client-focused work. 
  • Achieve Seamless Legal Tech Integration:  Master the art of integrating your legal technology stack, from case management systems to billing software, to create a more efficient, error-free workflow that maximizes billable time. 
  • Embrace Advanced Document Automation:  Discover how implementing advanced document automation can speed up the creation of legal documents, enhance accuracy, reduce human error, and increase client satisfaction. 


Joyce Brafford

Joyce is an attorney in North Carolina who has worked in or around legal tech for more than a decade. In that time, she’s presented time-saving, money-making, and client-satisfying tips to thousands of lawyers, paralegals, office administrators, and law students. Her goal is to help every legal professional find tools to build thriving businesses. She’s a mom of 2 and loves to cook.

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